Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Favourite Occupation

I suppose that when I am Rich I will have to employ a gardener – or several, or dozens – to help me plant and maintain my lovely, big garden. I imagine it will be quite easy to allow someone else to do the difficult or boring jobs, like lifting heavy bags of compost and mowing the lawns, but there’s one task I will always insist on doing myself – sowing seeds.

The excitement of choosing which plants and varieties to grow, making sure I help those tiny, dormant parcels of life get off to the best possible start, and the thrill of seeing the first green shoots never fades.

What’s your favourite gardening job?   


SquirrelQueen said...

Planting is my favorite part of gardening too. But then walking through and smelling the flowers is very nice too. I would like to be rich enough to hire someone to pull all the weeds.

jakill said...

I quite enjoy pottering around with my watering can early in the morning, It's a lovely way to wake up on a sunny day before it gets too hot.