Monday, 16 June 2014

Picnic perfection

When I am Rich, I’ll be able to invite my friends to a really posh picnic. Beneath a blue, summer sky we’ll travel in a convoy of open horse-drawn carriages to some idyllic beauty spot where my staff (under the skilled direction of the butler and chef) will have prepared the most delicious selection of food and drink.

It will be a feast for all the senses: pristine white tablecloths, fine porcelain and silver cutlery, arrangements of scented roses and orange blossom, champagne served in crystal goblets, dainty sandwiches, homemade lemonade, colourful salads, a small orchestra accompanied by blackbirds and skylarks, lots of pies and cakes, several types of tea, strawberries and cream, trifle, good conversation, laughter, fun and games …

and not a single drop of rain, a wasp or stinging nettle in sight!

But until then I’m happy to make do with


some simple food,

a free picnic table

 and a view like this.