Wednesday, 15 February 2012

And the love goes on …

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day yesterday.

My Special Person and I exchanged cards but otherwise treated 14 February like any other day. Even when we are Rich, I don’t think we’ll be buying each other expensive gifts or indulging in lavish wining and dining just because it’s Valentine’s Day.

After all, what token or gesture could be more romantic than the fact that we’re still together after nearly 40 years?

(Mind you, I’m expecting something a bit special for our Ruby Wedding Anniversary!)

How romantic was it for you?   


Twiglet said...

Not much romance here - hubby never buys cards and rarely flowers. I made a lovely meal but then I always do!! Ha that's life. x Jo

Friko said...

Romantic? What's that?
We have our 25th anniversary coming up, and guess what? I'm supposed to book the table.

SquirrelQueen said...

Sometimes I plan a special little dinner just for the two of us but sometimes, like this year, our schedules don't allow for it so a kiss and Happy Valentine's Day is about it.

We celebrated our 18th a few months ago. Congrats on your upcoming 40th!

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When I am Rich said...

Sorry about that, SquirrelQueen, I have disabled the word verifications now. I have to admit I sometimes find it difficult to read those strange letters on other people's blogs. Just hope I don't get lots of spam!