Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Swanning about

I was thinking that, When I am Rich, it would be lovely if a swan decided to take up residence on the lake in my garden.

But cycling round the back lanes last week I came across a whole field of swans.


They were

and going,

and feasting on the lush, green grass.

My vision of a solitary swan seems rather boring now. And only one lake? I think my garden needs to be a little bit bigger!


Patsy said...

Lovely pictures.

I'd like swans on one of my lakes too. Or maybe in the moat.

Jean Knill said...

We saw lots of swans in flooded fields earlier this year.

Linda D said...

Patsy, my husband wants a moat round his castle, but he's planning to keep crocodiles in it so I'll have to keep the swans well away!

Yes, Jean, horrible weather for humans but lovely for all the water birds.

SquirrelQueen said...

Your photos of the swans are gorgeous. I would love to see them in the wild. Maybe one large lake with a small pond nearby. And at least two swans so there is no loneliness.