Friday, 21 March 2014

Done and dusted

So as it’s officially spring now – and from my window I can see blue sky, sunshine and pink blossom – I suppose I ought to take a break from writing and get down to some serious spring cleaning.

Time to banish the gloom of winter (not to mention the dust and cobwebs).

Oh, how virtuous I’ll feel when I’ve cleaned my home from top to bottom! All that scrubbing, dusting, washing, polishing ….


 Well, I’ve made a start. Do you like my bright, new computer desktop?


Twiglet said...

A rainbow? Of course I love it!! x Jo

Patsy said...

Hurrah for spring. I don't get the urge to clean - instead I'm abandoning my writing to get out in the garden.

Linda D said...

Me, too, Patsy!

Julia said...

I have a constant stream of workmen doing various blokey things at the moment: plumber, chippy, sparks, gas man. No point in doing any spring cleaning - even though the whole house is covered in a fine layer of dust.

Friko said...

Oh damn, is it that time of year again?
I think I’ll wait for a bit. When it’s summer it’ll be too late to start.