Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Changing the way I look

I needed a new pair of reading glasses.

After the eye test, I was invited to choose a frame from the bewildering number on display. I ruled out the expensive designer frames and told the assistant I just wanted something plain, simple and comfortable. I work at home, and rarely need to wear glasses in public, so having the latest fashion in eyewear wasn’t important.

I tried on a few frames but, because they were all fitted with plain glass lenses, the only thing I noticed in the mirror was that they all made me look like my mother!

“Yes, that will do,” I said, choosing what I thought was a basic, lightweight frame. It wasn’t until I went to collect my new glasses – with the magnifying lenses in them – that I noticed a worrying detail. There’s a little artificial diamond set into each side piece.

My first thought was, But I don’t do bling!
My second thought was, Nice and comfortable and – hey! – I can easily read the smallest print on the test card.
My third thought was, Can I take this as a good omen? Will they help me to put more sparkle in my writing?

(Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that my NaNoWriMo novel this year is about the different kinds of magic that people encounter and create.)

1 comment:

Patsy said...

How they allow you to see is more important than how they make you look, especially if you won't be wearing them in public.

I don't think they're too blingy - it's just an interesting detail.