Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sitting comfortably

When I am Rich I’ll want to put some seats in my garden, and a table for alfresco dining would be useful, but I don’t think I’ll be buying any furniture from the posh garden centre I visited the other day. A table and six chairs for almost £5,000? Another set reduced to a mere £3,500?  It wasn’t just the price tags that made me shake my head – I didn’t like the designs or the fact that they were mostly made of metal, glass and various types of plastic. Not quite the thing to fit in with my wildlife-friendly eco garden. 

When the time is right I’ll search out some good, solid, handmade wooden furniture like this. It’ll look good, last for ages and I’ll have plenty of money left over for more plants!

In the meantime, I’m very comfortable in this. (It’s also the only piece of garden furniture I can squeeze into my tiny garden!)

I was making the most of the unusually warm October weather here at the beginning of the week. Still sunny today but a cold wind blowing.


Room Designer said...

Great plans, I agree wooden furniture are far more better than metal or glass furniture's

SquirrelQueen said...

Glass and metal would not be my choice either for a garden area, definitely wood. Plus, like you, I would rather spend the money on plants.

I really like your garden space.

We had a sunny day today but more rain is coming in tomorrow night and the temps are getting cooler.