Wednesday, 26 October 2011


My mobile phone has stopped working. I think it died of old age. Should I send it for recycling, donate it to a museum or keep it until it becomes a highly desirable collector’s item?

And what about a replacement? I suppose I should consider getting one of those all-singing, all-dancing smart phones that practically live your life for you. But as I only want a mobile to use in case of emergencies when I’m away from home (not for checking emails, listening to music, playing games or taking photos) it seems a waste of all that technology.

When I am Rich I could buy what is advertised as the world’s most expensive phone. It’s certainly pretty – encased in rose gold and diamonds – but I wonder if the five million pound price tag includes a guarantee that it can always pick up a good signal?

I’ve got a better idea …

I’ll just make do with my landline but I’ll employ someone to answer all those annoying junk calls about changing my energy supplier, ‘free’ home improvements and claiming compensation for an accident I never had!


jakill said...

I recently updated my mobile, Linda, thinking I ight start to check my emails while on the move. But then I discovered that it will cost me £1.20 a day extra to use the internet. Blow that. Emails can wait till I get home.

Friko said...

my phone is even older than your dead one AND I was given it!

As it's still working, I'm keeping it. But I will have to get one of those smart phones eventually, they would come in very handy when you're stuck in a hospital with nothing to do. You could hospital noise out with them too.