Saturday, 25 July 2009

Welcome visitor

As I have limited space and grow most of my plants in containers I usually choose the smaller varieties – and gaze longingly at 50-foot trees. But luckily nature isn’t so easily restricted.

At the beginning of summer I noticed a small, green shoot growing out of what I thought was solid concrete outside my back door. I assumed it was some sort of weed but because I didn’t recognise the leaves I left it to see what it would become.

It grew

and grew

and grew …

I am now the proud owner of a beautiful purple buddleia!

The seed must have blown here from a magnificent specimen two gardens away. It only has two stems, and is half the height of its parent, but the scent is wonderful!


SquirrelQueen said...

Very pretty. It would be nice to have that lovely scent when you open the backdoor.

MzzLily said...

At the front door, it would make a lovely welcome!

Friko said...

Did I or did I not manage to leave a comment on this post?
What I said was, enjoy the seedling while it's small. These buddleias can be thugs and break up you doorstep. Or similar.