Thursday, 25 June 2009

Free Money

When I am Rich I won’t have to think twice about giving to charities. I’ll cheerfully donate millions to what I think are the most deserving causes. But while my funds are limited, I’ve discovered I can give a little money in return for a few minutes of my time – without even leaving my desk!
Many charities make money from their websites simply by asking people to click on them. The more visitors, the more they make from advertising revenue.
Here are my favourites:
The Hunger Site
In less than a minute I can click on six different buttons here, helping not only organizations that are working to eradicate world hunger, but also those involved in other issues including health, literacy, conservation and animal welfare. (The site also has a store selling all kinds of ethical and Fair Trade goods, which helps to raise more money).
Free Rice
It takes longer to donate here, but it’s fun – and educational. Choose a subject and answer questions. Each correct answer earns grains of rice which are distributed through the UN World Food Program.
I’m hoping the game on this site will improve my – what was it? – ah, yes, my memory. If not, I’ll still be helping someone else.
I’ve also started using EveryClick as my main search engine. Each search I do generates a little income for a UK charity. There are lots of other charity search engines, some covering different locations or types of charities. You can find more here.

Now I really must stop playing games and clicking buttons. I need to do some work, earn some money, and then I’ll be able to give even more to charity!


MzzLily said...

I used to have that site as one of my home pages that has all the tabs for rain forest, animals, etc. But I took it off when I started have my SLOW browser problems... Then I forgot about it. Thank you for the reminder!

SquirrelQueen said...

That's a great way to contribute. I wish I could give more to charities maybe when I am ....

I'm doing a second Farmers' Market challenge the 25th of July, maybe you can get some photo by then? I would love to see your market.

Have a great day,

When I am Rich said...

I'll see what I can do, SQ.