Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Fitness Regime

When I am Rich keeping fit will be easy.

I will probably join one of those exclusive health clubs where I'll receive expert advice on how best to use their latest exercise machines, perhaps join a class or two, and relax after my workout with luxurious pampering sessions.

And for those days when I'm too busy (or can't be bothered) to go to the club I'll have a fully-equipped gym at home - and a personal trainer on call.

I've decided I need to start getting fitter now so I won't look completely out of place when I arrive at the club for my introductory tour.

Here's my exercise diary for today:

Got up early.
Breathing exercises (3 big yawns)
Warm-up stretching exercises (bending down to find slippers, reaching up to rub eyes, pulling on clothes)
Weight lifting (filling kettle for tea)
Mental workout (deciding to go for a brisk walk)
Walking upstairs - walking downstairs (forgot why I'd gone up)
Walking upstairs again (I remembered!)
Walking downstairs (no, gone again)
Walking up and down stairs several more times
Weight lifting (more tea)
Relaxation (stretched out on sofa)
Review and assessment (now I remember - I was going upstairs to fetch my shoes. Oh, well, not bad for the first day. I don't want to overdo it. Perhaps tomorrow ...)

Did you know that short-term memory loss is nature's way of ensuring middle-aged people get plenty of exercise?


MzzLily said...

Now that you mention it... Yes, I've found that to be true. I adore your gift of words!

Friko said...

Hm, now what was it I was going to reply?
Ah yes, could I come and share the personal fitness trainer? On second thoughts, it's probably too late for me anyway. The dog gets sticks thrown now instead of walks; I clamber up to the top of a mini slope and chuck his stick down, sometimes into the river. Just watching him being energetic is tiring.

And what's memory?

SquirrelQueen said...

If laughing qualifies as exercise I just got my quota for today.

Amen on the short-term memory loss, it really does . . . what was I saying . . .


Doctor FTSE said...

Reminds me of a comment by Barry Cryer on "Sorry, I Haven't a Clue" (BBC Radio 4)

"What old folk need is a high-speed stair-chair. So they can get upstairs before they forget what they were going upstairs for."