Monday, 4 May 2009

Walking Boots

When I am Rich I will enjoy more walking holidays. As well as revisiting some of my favourite walking places (Wales, the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and Cornwall are the first that come to mind) I would like to tackle some of Britain's long distance footpaths.

And then there's the rest of the world ... Where should I start? The Alps? The Andes?

Think I'm going to need some new walking boots, so I've put these Dalesway boots made by GreenVee on my Wants List. Strong, comfortable, traditional style but non-leather and made by a company that has adopted green ethical standards.

photo © GreenVee

I'll be able to stride out with a clear conscience!

The only drawback is the price (although I'm sure they're worth it). Never mind, while I'm saving up my pennies I think there's a good few miles left in these.

Can you recommend a favourite walk? I'll add it to my list.


MzzLily said...

When you receive your fortune, I would love for you to come walk in my woods with me and the goats! Or I'll take you to the waterfall a few minutes away.

Until then, my friend...

When I am Rich said...

Woods? Waterfalls? Can't wait, Mzzlily! And I do like goats although I've never taken one for a walk - or do they take you?

Friko said...

Come and walk in the Shropshire Hills; there's the Jack Mytton Way, the Offa's Dyke Path or the Shropshire Way; all will take you through beautiful scenery, There is a very comfortable Youth Hostel in the small town of Clun.

By the way, walking is still free, isn't it?

A Lighted Flame said...

You know, walking is free, so you won't have to wait until you are rich. You may not be able to fly to the riches places, but I'm sure there are beautiful places right where you live:)

When I am Rich said...

Offa's Dyke is on my list, Friko. I used to live on the other side in Wales and visited places along the path but never did the complete walk.

Yes, walking is free and I try to go for a walk or cycle ride every day, but it would be nice to explore some different scenery sometimes.

Flowerpot said...

The other drawback breaking them in ! Thankyou for popping in to my place ,I,m fairly new to this and not so good at writing as you ....but I hope you enjoy my photos . Debbie

DQ's Windmill said...

All the mentions of beautiful paths in the UK makes me nostalgic - I used to like reading the Bronte sisters, which put ideas in my head of running through the mysterious Moor lands.

If you're ever in L.A., there's a hiking path in the Hollywood Hills, called Runyon Canyon. When we lived closer, and I went more often, I would see celebs walking their dogs there - it's great 'cause they can be off the leash (the dogs that is).

walking said...

Make sure that you are all geared up for some good walking. It will ensure you comfort and safety.