Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Girl’s Best Friend?

I have to thank Mika of Photos Tricks for drawing my attention to this little gem.

A record price of 10.5 million Swiss francs (that’s US$9.5m or £6.2m) has been paid for a rare blue diamond at an auction in Geneva.

You can find out more about it here

It’s pretty and sparkly so perhaps I will put ‘blue diamond’ on my shopping list When I am Rich. Or a yellow one, or pink … Why not a whole rainbow of diamonds?

But what will I do with it? It’s not the kind of thing you can wear every day. Or leave lying around.

Along with the diamond I will have to

- buy a safe

- install a top-of-the-range burglar alarm

- hire a security guard to accompany me whenever I wear it

- pay a huge amount of money to insure it

- employ a therapist to help me deal with the stress of owning something so valuable

On second thoughts … it’s only a stone, and a very small stone at that.

And just think how many lives £6.2 million could transform.


SquirrelQueen said...

Very pretty but why? It's just going to get locked up in some vault, maybe it will see the light of day once a year.
You are right so much good could come from that money.

English Rider said...

There is something about a colored diamond that disturbs my equilibrium. Every little girl knows that rubies are red, saphires are blue and diamonds are clear and sparkly. The idea of colored diamonds makes me twitch.

Friko said...

Apart from all the problems you've mentioned, you'd have the hassle of buying the frocks to go with the diamond. And the shoes, just think of the shoes! No more wellies! Cloudgazing would be out, too.
No, too much bother, the whole thing.

mika said...

hiii, thank for mention me, i just get it from news :)
i thinks the matter is when we have more money we dont know what we can do with it we start to buy rare things and sometimes crazy things just to search for fun in it and sometimes the fun in it is rare as it is :)


When I am Rich said...

I agree, English Rider. Until I did a bit of research I didn't realise diamonds came in so many colours (although to my eyes most of the colours look a bit washed out!)
Thanks for reminding me about the matching clothes, Friko. I tend to live in jeans - not the right image at all!

MrsSmith said...

I also agree with English Rider! A diamond is not supposed to have color! LOL If I saw a blue diamond I wouldnt even think it was a diamond! Its crazy how much worth is put on something that is truly insignificant in the real scheme of things. My house is way bigger than that diamond and actually provides shelter! Ha ha ha and it is nowhere near worth that much! I guess we all have different priorities!

Christine said...

Ya .... it does seem like an awful lot of trouble just to 'own' a stone .... heavy sigh!

Chickadee Chick said...

I've never liked diamonds or burglar alarms...give me pastry and a good cup of coffee...a girl's best friend forever and ever (: Love the writings you share--witty and fun.

Chickadee Chick said...

I've decided to join your motley group of followers--your writings are terrific to read!