Saturday, 25 April 2009

They’re back!

When I am rich I will be able to fly to Africa whenever I please – and I will be very pleased.

I have never set foot on that vast continent. I’ve seen photos, watched documentaries, read traveller’s tales … and I’m impatient to experience some of those things for myself.

Now, Africa has come to me. The swallows are back!

Was the first one I saw an English swallow returning home from a holiday in the sun? Or an African swallow coming here to start 4 months of hard work raising 2, or perhaps 3, new families?
I like to think birds have no boundaries. They belong to the whole World.

I haven’t been able to get any photos of this year’s swallows, but here are some of last year’s visitors.


Friko said...

Hi there, WIAR,

from another newcomer.
Neither swallows nor martins yet here in the Marches. The nest under the eaves is empty and in need of refurbishment.

Thanks for your comment, I love input from other bloggers. Writing without an echo is a bit futile.

Joanne P. said...

Swallows are beautiful birds. Many artists think so, too:) I like your blog title for two reasons. It is nice to dream. And, by writing your posts, perhaps some of your dreams will come true! We don't have to be rich, after all.

Afternoon Tea Break said...

Great post once again :-) Thanks again for the Noblesse Oblige award, I have now managed to put it up on my blog loud and proud :-)

Flowerpot said...

I love your pictures of the swallows . They are such joyful birds ! Debbie