Friday, 10 April 2009

Hot Cross Buns

Even when I am rich I will still only eat Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday.
I remember a time when I had no choice. They were only baked on this day.

Then supermarkets began selling them a few weeks before Easter, then immediately after Christmas, and now they're available all year round.

I love them, but I'm convinced that a large part of their deliciousness will be lost if you have them more than once a year.

Would you like one? Help yourself - before they're all gone!


فوبيا - سايكولاند said...

you will be rich

then you will eat like rich


Christine said...

**have napkin and fork ready**

Yumm ... those look so good ...

I hear ya, some things we should only enjoy on certain occasions.

Anonymous said...

I have never had a hot crossed bun but I have always wondered what they were like. I think I will go to the bakery so we can try them Easter morning. Yum!

When I am Rich said...

You're in for a treat!
Cut them in half, lightly toast and spread with butter.
You can find out more about them, including a recipe, here

(sorry don't know how to put a link in here, you'll have to cut and paste)

Afternoon Tea Break said...

Haha, that really made me smile!

Check out my blog at - although it's about me going through a career change I have included some UK-based personal finance tips on there too. Won't make you really rich, but will certainly help you have more :-)

mika said...

hiii,thanks for follow me , u blog and photos are so nice :)

SquirrelQueen said...

You have received an award. Come over to my blog and take a look.

Libertine said...

I am so glad, that SquirrelQueen has nominated you for the Award. Congratulations. I will be back :-)

green ink said...

I completely agree - when I was a child (not that long ago!) they were only available at Easter, as were Easter eggs! I miss the days when things like this were saved for certain times of the year - it made it so much more special. I make a point of not eating them or buying them except at Easter.

It makes me think of the guy who (allegedly) eats Christmas dinner every day! Surely it would lose its deliciousness too?

Nice blog you have here :)