Thursday, 5 March 2009

When I am Rich

I will plant a garden.

It will have:

- lawns with drifts of Spring bulbs
- old-fashioned cottage garden flowers
- a vegetable plot
- herbs
- apple trees (and pears, plums, damsons, cherries …)
- a wildflower meadow
- a beech wood
- an oak wood
- three silver birches at the end of a winding path
- a wooden seat built round the trunk of a cedar
- dandelions and daisies
- a maze
- wisteria
- a secret place
- a greenhouse, a potting shed
- a stream
- a pond (a lake would be better – with a waterfall!)
- statues
- a surprise around every corner
- aquilegias (because I love the name as much as the flowers)
- did I mention strawberries, a swing, and stinging nettles for the butterflies?

In the meantime …

… I’ve made a start.

Do you have a dream garden? I’d love to hear about it.

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