Saturday, 28 March 2009

Spending the kids' inheritance

When I am Rich, my daughter wants me to buy her a big house in the country, a mews house in Mayfair or Portobello - and a pony.

Hmm ....
Parents - is it a good idea to give your little darlings everything they want?

Children - will you be equally generous to your parents when you are rich?


Christine said...

Good morning .... I am so glad that you stopped by, so that I could find your blog.
Love it in here. You are a hoot!

And to reply .... not everything the little darlings want, just marinate them with love for the next ga-zillion years :O)

When I am Rich said...

Thanks, Christine
Drop by anytime!


mrssmith said...

I am not a parent but I dont think it is right to buy kids eerything they want. My stepson is 9 years old and he got a cell phone, a 4 wheeler, a Nintendo Wii, and the XBox 36o for Christmas last year - plus other clothes, etc. And my question was "What else could he want?"
WHAT is he going to get NEXT year?? His own house????? LOL

Adam said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog tremendously. Would you like to join my new community and share some of your thoughts with others interested in cultivating gratitude?