Monday, 30 November 2015

Who needs inflatable reindeer?

Now that the Halloween decorations have disappeared (thank you to the person who finally took in the coffin that was propped up next to their front door for over a week!), and I’m hoping we might have heard the last of the fireworks until the New Year, I suppose it won’t be long now before the first flashing lights, plastic snowmen, rooftop sleighs and other symbols of Christmas appear on the houses around us. After all, they’ve been in the shops for weeks.

I’m not a Scrooge, I do enjoy Christmas, but I think my Grandad had the right idea when he’d say sternly, ‘There are only twelve days of Christmas,’ if anyone in the family started the celebrations too soon.

But, with the days becoming shorter and drearier in these few weeks before Christmas, I would like to brighten up my outside space without spending a fortune on tacky decorations. Will this do?

Our special car needs special cleaning cloths (or so I’m told), but they also make colourful flags for the back garden.

And I’m glad I had the foresight to plant these sunny chrysanths in the front garden. They’ve survived our first frost, torrential rain and gale force winds.

Do you decorate the outside of your home at this time of year? A simple holly wreath? Or an all singing, all dancing winter wonderland? 


Patsy said...

I grow lots of Christmas roses - that's as close as I get.

Anonymous said...

Hey Linda, I'm so happy for you. You've won the Alfie competition. I just noticed on twitter. Hope it is you, yes it must be. It's the same name as you. Off to check up now. Congratulations..... Well done. xx

Linda D said...

Thanks, Susan! I haven't made it public yet - there will be an announcement on my other blog (Linda's Jottings) later tonight. Still getting over the shock!

And back on this blog ...
Christmas roses sound perfect, Patsy. Hope you'll post some photos on your blog.

Friko said...

My house is decked in flashing lights from the doorstep to the rooftop. Wreaths? Far too modest.

I am not a bad liar either.

Linda D said...

Ha! Ha!
I'm sure your beautiful garden is decoration enough, Friko.

Daisy Debs said...

Oh yes ....I remember ..the special car ! lol ! Yes I love your jolly cleaning cloth prayer flags..where did you buy those ? : )