Saturday, 1 August 2015

Mystery solved

I couldn’t understand why the path outside my front door was littered with cherry stones. How had they got there? The nearest cherry trees are two streets away.

Then I noticed this young starling on the roof.

When I am Rich I’ll have lots of cherry trees in my garden – some for me, some for the birds – but I’ll have to find a way of teaching them to eat their food where they find it.

Do messy eaters annoy you?


Anonymous said...

That's cute. My mum and dad had those on their back yard. She thought it was hedgehogs, so perhaps it's the same as you, Linda. Lovely pictures. I don't mind messy eaters as long as they're not opposite me.

Linda D said...

I don't mind really, now I've identified the culprits. And I suppose the birds are doing the trees a favour by spreading their seeds around.

Fran Hill said...

I could put up with the starlings, but don't get me started on HUMAN messy eaters ... oh yuk.

Daisy Debs said...

Beautiful photos ! Lovely story : )