Sunday, 12 April 2015

Up in the clouds

When I am Rich I want to live in a house with panoramic mountain views.

Until then, I’ll have to improvise with clouds ... and my imagination.

I live in the Cambridgeshire fens. It’s certainly not the worst place on earth, but it is very F L A T!

What would you like to see from your window?


Lynne Hackles said...

I have my perfect view and I'm not rich. Perched on the Malvern Hills I have views over the Severn Plain and Worcester. I can see Worcester Cathedral and the new library, clad in gold and named The Hive by locals because of its shape. Lots of trees and hills here.

Maria said...

I'd quite like to look down on a busy waterfront, a cosmopolitan harbour, where smells of continental food waft upwards. Enticing me to go out and have a cappuccino in the sunshine.

Instead, I'm currently looking out onto a washing line full of clothes blowing in the wind, the compost bin, and a bird feeder swinging from a tree.

Patsy said...

Those clouds do look like hills!

My view is of a small park, which isn't bad. A different view would mean moving house and I'm happy here so I'll stick with what I have.

Linda D said...

Lynne, I'm very envious. The Malvern Hills would be wonderful.

Maria, I hadn't thought about a harbour but now you mention it ... Perhaps I could have that on the other side of the house.

Patsy, a park sounds lovely, any patch of green would suit me really. I don't dislike the view of the fields - we also see lots of birds and other wildlife - but we lived in Wales for 20 years and I do miss the hills!