Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas birds

I did enjoy my Christmas pheasant.

I watched him through the window as he strolled about in the winter sun and then joined his friends to feast on the sugar beet left behind after the field was harvested a couple of weeks ago.

The sparrows helped themselves to their usual snack of peanuts.

This little chap visits the garden most days, but seeing him on Christmas Day is always a bit special.

And my Christmas dinner? A very tasty cashew and mushroom roast with all the trimmings.


Lynne Hackles said...

Good for you - feeding the birds and not eating them. I had vegetable curry on December 25th.

Patsy said...

I always like to see a robin on Christmas day and was in luck this year. It helped that I made 'our' birds special Christmas cakes of lard and seed.

Linda D said...

Hope you enjoyed your curry, Lynne -one of my favourites too.
Hope your Christmas robin brings you lots of luck in 2015, Patsy. I'm sure he (or she) felt lucky on finding a special treat in your garden.