Monday, 13 October 2014

Growing inspiration

One of the many pleasures of my recent trip toScotland was gathering some new ideas for the garden I plan to create when I am Rich.

I love the colour scheme of this barrel,

 and these tumbling  


and I really want
these trees!   
A clever way to give new life to an old boat.


And no garden would be complete without one of these,

and some of this,
and a smiley crocodile!

I think I’ll have to add a few more acres ... 


Lynne Hackles said...

When you are rich could you buy two of those crocodiles and send me one? Please!

Patsy said...

Visiting Scotland is great for inspiration!

Linda D said...

The crocodile lives in the grounds of Kinnettles Castle where my daughter had her wedding. When I am Rich I'll buy the castle and invite you to visit, Lynne!
Quite agree, Patsy, a short holiday just wasn't long enough so we're already planning our next trip there.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos. I especially like the boat idea.

Friko said...

On the other hand, you’d also need a gardener to look after this lot. Just think how aggravating that would be.

Linda D said...

Already sorted, Friko. I'm having a team of highly skilled gardeners who will do exactly what I want!