Sunday, 31 August 2014

Meet the help

When I am Rich, I might not have the time – or energy – to keep my lovely garden looking its best every day. I’ll need to employ some people to mow the lawns, trim the hedges, tidy the flower beds, sweep the paths and do all those other routine but essential jobs.

But training and supervising all those people will take me nearly as long as doing the work myself, so I’ll also need to hire a head gardener to take charge when I’m not around. (Of course I’ll still be the head, head gardener.)

So my garden will look wonderful, but then I’ll have to deal with all the paperwork involved with employing people. I think I’m going to need a bookkeeper, an accountant, a personnel manager and a health and safety officer to make sure nobody infringes the latest regulations … How much time and money is all that going to take?

Sometimes, a tiny garden seems the sensible option.

And here’s my one and only helper, quietly cleaning up all those difficult to get at nooks and crannies in return for a few tasty creepy crawlies.


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