Friday, 19 April 2013

Clean enough?

The sun's shining, the birds are singing, and my conscience is telling me it's spring cleaning time. When I am Rich I'll be able to pay someone else to do all the hard work for me, although I'm not sure if that really would be such a good idea.

The room most in need of a thorough clean and tidy is the one I use as my office ...

       art studio ...

   ... and temporary potting shed.

Problem is, if I did allow a cleaner in there I'd have to watch them the whole time in case they messed up my mess. It might look disorganised but I know exactly where everything is.

Are you an enthusiastic or reluctant spring cleaner? Would you welcome or dread some help with this annual chore?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That all looks pretty tidy compared to my writing space Linda. Don't know if I'd dare photograph it. After finishing at the shop our house is a bit like Del boy's flat. It's all good though. I don't like other people doing my work either.