Sunday, 20 January 2013

The big picture

Now that I’ve got my perfect garden all planned (in my head at least!), I’m turning my attention to designing the house I want when I am Rich.

As I’ll have unlimited money and space, I thought about including a home cinema: a specially designed room equipped with a huge screen and the latest audiovisual technology where I’ll be able to watch my favourite films whenever I want. I could ask my chef to make me some popcorn to add to the authenticity … but it wouldn’t be the same, would it?

Perhaps I’m showing my age, but for me it’s the going out that makes watching a film at a cinema so much more enjoyable than watching the same thing at home. Deciding which film to see, checking where and when it’s being shown, getting ready to go out, making the journey, buying the ticket, choosing where to sit … all make a trip to the cinema a special occasion.

I’ve just been to see The Hobbit – and loved it. It also gave me some new ideas for my ideal home. I want something that looks like Rivendell but is as cosy as a hobbit hole!

Staying in or going out? Which would you choose?


Patsy said...

I agree that a home cinema wouldn't feel the same as going out to watch a film. Perhaps you should have a theatre instead and have your favourite actors perform live for you?

Linda D said...

That's a good idea, Patsy. I'll add it to the plans! And perhaps I should switch to writing plays instead of novels and short stories. With my own theatre I'd be sure of getting them performed.

Jean Knill said...

I like going out to a film, too. But I also like snuggling up with a video at home. That's good enough for me. My dream home would have a full length swimming pool in the basement. Better still, the house is on a hill and I'd have sliding glass doors all the way around the pool at the lowest level. In the summer they'd open onto a garden with a sea view, and when the cold wind blows they would be firmly shut and covered with blinds depicting warm, summer scenes.

Linda D said...

I like that idea, Jean. But it would have to be a very warm heated pool for me!