Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Dove Saga – Part 2

I don’t know if the doves heard about my plans to provide them with a bespoke nesting box – but they got very excited when they saw this:

 We’re having some building work done, and as soon as the scaffolding was erected the doves arrived to claim it.

Where would be the best place to build their nest?
On the wide, wooden planks of the walkway?
Against the house wall where it would be sheltered from the weather?
No, they had a much better idea. Let’s see if we can balance some twigs on the metal poles right at the edge …

They spent the rest of the day bringing in twigs, watching most of them fall to the ground, and flying off to find some more. Luckily, the builders arrived the next day and the doves (surprisingly) decided to abandon their new-found home.

Sorry, doves. Perhaps next year …


SquirrelQueen said...

I'm beginning to think someone needs to give these two a lesson in choosing a nesting site. Talk about picking the most precarious locations possible! They are cute and definitely determined.

When I am Rich said...

The scaffolding has been taken down now and the male spends most of his time cooing from our neighbour's chimney. Perhaps his girlfriend has gone off with a new - and more sensible - partner.

Patsy said...

They might not be bright, but they are cute.