Sunday, 31 October 2010

Fleeting glories

It’s been a good year for the morning glories. I only had room to squeeze in four morning glory plants (Heavenly Blue) between the sweet peas that I also wanted to grow up the short length of trellis, but each one produced plenty of flowers. There are still more small buds on them but we had our first frost here a few nights ago so I don’t know if they’ll survive long enough to open.

I did think about adding 100’s or even 1000’s of these lovely flowers to the garden I’m planning to have When I am Rich, but there’s a problem … As each flower lasts for less than a day I might miss some of them. With only four plants, I was able to see and enjoy every bloom from my kitchen window.


Lily Robinson said...

PLANTING them? They grow wild around here! They quickly find the fence for the beans and anything else they can climb. They look lovely on the horses round pen. They're everywhere! We have all different colors of them, too. I really like the polka-dot ones... they're white with tiny purplish-blue spots. I am so rich!

When I am Rich said...

Ah, yes, Lily, one person's weeds are another person's exotic plant! I think morning glories might be related to our British bindweed which can be a nuisance in gardens but that has white trumpet shaped flowers that last longer than 1 day. I loved the colour of the glories - it was indeed heavenly. I like the sound of your polka dot ones, too. I'll look out for them next year.

kasthurirajam said...

beautiful flowers.once upon a time i grow this flower in my garden.but it dried when we went to our native.After a long time i can see this flower through ur post.Thanks for this