Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Logging on

When I am Rich I will have a spare computer – no, make that half a dozen spare computers – so that when my main machine has to go for repair I won’t feel quite so bereft.

I thought I was only going to be computerless for a couple of days but it’s stretched to nearly 2 weeks now. The withdrawal symptoms aren’t getting any easier, but there are some compensations:

I’ve rediscovered the joys of writing with pen and paper
I’ve talked to people instead of emailing
I’ve spent more time in the garden
I’ve gathered my news from the radio instead of the Internet
I’ve done research in a real library - with books!

Even so, many, many thanks to the generous person who has let me borrow his laptop!


Friko said...

Oh, you are a rare visitor.
Are you too busy getting rich to come here often?
Or is it just taking too long to get rich?

Those things you've just rediscovered, I never lost them. Doesn't do to get too dependent on my computer.

When I am Rich said...

Too busy just paying the bills, Friko!
I am still visiting your blog often - I always find it interesting - but I don't always comment.
Computer problems still not solved. My 'repaired' computer was returned, I spent 2 frustrating days trying to use it but found even more faults, so have now taken it back for further investigation!!